Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Home Is Wherever I'm With You

So, it is the last week of actual classes here at ESDES.

WHHOOOO HOOOO!!! Right? Ya, not so much.

Everyone is exhausted, tired of two languages circulating through their heads, and ready to taste the savory Taco Bell meal they've all been craving for 8 1/2 months. But, moral is low. And I'm not just talking about the thought of taking the DELE on Friday. There aren't very many gleefully dancing in the streets or shouting praising in the halls. Instead, we're putting off the thought of packing, saying goodbye, or eating our last kebap. It's starting to sink in that it's almost over: our year abroad is coming to an end.

This past year has been be the best of my life. Though I am far away from the most important people such as family, best friends and boyfriend, I feel that Spain has eased the pain of distance. Though these people cannot ever be replaced, the new family and friends I've developed over these passed months will also forever be in my heart. I know, sentimentality does not become me, but you'll just have to deal with it, reader.

As much as I am so ready to be back in the US of A, hug my parents, eat American food and see my boyfriend, the feeling of separation from my Spanish/American friends and teachers here is ever looming. I don't know when or if I will ever be back here in Sagunto. I wish to return, but life sometimes has other things in store. When will I ever be able to simply walk over to my friends' rooms and chat? Now it will have to be by plane, rather than foot. When will I ever see my Spanish friends again? Skype, I suppose. If the internet permits. When will I be able to see the Mediterranean from my balcony again? When will I ever have a balcony for that matter?!